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Tuesday, Nov. 3
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

77 Main Street, Annapolis

To Celebrate Being Responsibly Local
We're having our own historic tea party!

Event Sponsor

The Burning of the Peggy Stewart—An Annapolis Tea Party
by Glenn E. Campbell, Historic Annapolis

In October 1774, ten months after the Boston Tea Party, a ship owned by Anthony Stewart andhis father-in-law, James Dick, arrived in Annapolis harbor. The brig Peggy Stewart was named after the merchant’s daughter, and it carried 53 indentured servants and a small load (just over a ton) of taxed tea along with other goods consigned to Thomas Charles Williams & Company.

When word of the tea leaked to Maryland patriots, many of them gathered in Annapolis to
decide what to do about the situation.

This wasn’t the first time that Stewart, Dick, and the Williamses were in hot water with local patriots—all of them had been chastised for challenging an earlier boycott of taxed English
imports as far back as 1769 and 1770. By 1774, many people weren’t willing to let them off easily with just a warning and orders not to unload and sell their tea.

There are conflicting reports about exactly what happened, but it appears that most people in the crowd thought that burning the taxed tea would settle the matter.

That wasn’t good enough for Matthias and Rezin Hammond and other radicals, who led a mob to Anthony Stewart’s house on Hanover Street. They erected a gallows and called for the destruction of the house and the tarring, feathering, and hanging of Stewart if he didn’t agree to torch his own ship.

Read the whole story... see how it turned out!

We're having our very own historic "tea party," in our own local way, by holding Green Drinks -- sponsored by Historic Annapolis -- in the historic 77 Main Street Warehouse now occupied by Capital Teas.

Back in 1774 Annapolis had its own real tea party when the sailing ship Peggy Stewart was burned in the harbor. The remains of it have never been found. Read more -->

We like to think that November is for locals... with the annual peek into our fabulous homes that is Annapolis by Candlelight the first weekend and concluding with the Small Business Saturday on the last weekend.

Support Local Attractions

Annapolis by Candlelight
luminariesHistoric Annapolis will be present to introduce you to some of the city's finest architecture during Annapolis by Candlelight, an annual evening walking tour of private and historic homes. Tickets will be available at Green Drinks too.

This year's tour features some of the oldest houses in Annapolis including:

"Candlelight" takes place on Friday & Saturday, Nov. 6 & 7, from 5 to 9 p.m. Special Offer: Become a member of Historic Annapolis at the $100 level or higher and receive two complimentary Candlelight tickets. | Read more.

Support Local Businesses

At Green Drinks, learn about and enjoy terrific & interesting teas, adult beverages and appetizers in a building that was the "Warehouse of the Victualling Office" during revolutionary times. Capital Teas will feature its organic Pumpkin Tea and will offer coupons and other promotions for its sister store, Sugar Daddy Spicy Mama, located just steps away at 6 Cornhill Street. Capital Tea's fleet of stores is growing, including a new location at the Annapolis Mall.

shop smallWe'll hear from the new Annapolis Partnership about its initiatives -- as the MainStreets Partnership and Annapolis Business Association join forces to form the new organization. The formal "launch" of the partnership will be held on Nov. 10.| Read more. | And we'll hear about downtown merchants' support of Small Business Saturday at the end of November.

Local business Mills Fine Wine & Spirits has made a great selection of beer and wine for us, including, of course, some local options. And our appetizers will be provided by Cafe Normandie! Both businesses are locally owned and both are on Main Street.

mills fine wineBeverage selection, offered for a small donation, plus softdrinks & water, of course:

cafe normandieFor over thirty years foodies and fans have enjoyed the delicious and clever cuisine from the kitchen of Best Chefs America award winning Chef Jean Louis Evennou of Cafe Normandie at 185 Main Street. He runs a kitchen dedicated to locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, often obtained that day from local farmers and producers, and producing the rave results. We are delighted to offer Green Drinkers a taste of France!

Run Responsibly

Annapolis Green has registered as a charity in the Across the Bay 10K Race on Nov. 8 to promote Cup-free Racing because of how much better that is for the environment! Please consider donating to our "Team!"| Read more. | We'll have our HydraPouches available for sale at Green Drinks.


Two more things: Don't forget that the Ego Alley bulkhead is under construction so there may be congestion and parking issues. This would be a great time to walk to our event or park further out and take the Circulator.

And since the LED Wine Glasses were such a hit at the Green Drinks Extra at the boat show, -- thanks to another local business, Ocra Green Marine -- we'll be offering them for sale again on Tuesday! If you bought one last time, please bring it with you. Let's light up with the night with our drinks! And watch for the luminaries -- that's how you'll find us -- as a preview to Annapolis by Candlelight!

The boat shows are over, the visitors are largely gone. Let's celebrate sustainability in our own town. Come meet one new person and learn one new thing!



Thursday, Sept. 10

Charles Carroll House & Gardens
107 Duke of Gloucester, Annapolis

Back to the Future

Event Sponsor

With enthusiastic budding young environmentalists and a backdrop of history, Green Drinks truly celebrated all that is good about our community.

The Charles Carroll House and Gardens was the perfect location to spotlight our cultural heritage. (The "back" part of our theme.)

Here's a big thank you to managers Tim and Eileen Leahy for their gracious hospitality. We hope you had a chance to see a bit of the house and urge you to go back for a full tour. | Learn more about this historic property.

spa creek conservancySince the property is on Spa Creek, Amy Clements, President of the Spa Creek Conservancy, attended and answered questions about the environmental work done on the St. Mary's property next door and even took a few people on a brief tour of the parking lot's stormwater features. | Learn more about the work of the Conservancy.

St mary's schoolAnd St. Mary's high school teacher Paul O'Hearn added that just changing out the type of lights in the parking lot has saved the school literally thousands of dollars in energy costs. He also introduced a few of the high school students who are working hard to be environmental stewards (The "future" part of our theme.). In fact, high school students who complete the rigorous environmental studies program earn college-level certification in this important field. And the stewardship program of St. Mary's Elementary was showcased too. | Learn more about the school and its programs. | We're looking forward to working with St. Mary's students to establish a corps of Student Ambassadors to get the Green Gospel out about sustainability at our Responsible Events & Festivals events!

And the food! Palate Pleasers brought an incredible spread that even included caviar, all served on very cool banana leaf compostable plates. We are so lucky to have a great relationship with this award-winning catering company -- in business in Eastport for 25 years! Thank you, Eric for the great food and for working under our limited budget! | Learn more about Palate Pleasers.

Pinkey's West Street Liquors did a great job selecting quality wines for us (at a very reasonable price). Thank you to owner Paul Malley. Pinkey's is located at 1100 West Street.

Event Sponsor -- Thank you to the Maryland Seafood Festival, Sept. 12 & 13 -- now in its 48th year -- for sponsoring our event. We raffled off tickets to the festival, held at Sandy Point State Park. Thank you to Stephanie Duncan Troxell for attending and representing the festival. | Learn more.

We also want to thank the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront for helping us "class-up" our event with by donating a generous supply of tablecloths. We so appreciate the Marriott management helping us out in this way.

Finally, we want to thank our volunteers. We can't possibly run a Green Drinks event without help and these folks consistently and happily give of their time (and muscle).

Greeting Green Drinkers were Sandy Williamson, Leslie Sandoz and Mariel Yarbrough. Alexa Zaledonis and Kelly Lange (pictured) served the bar, and Ken Tom took some great photos, some of which are posted here (We'll have a full slide show soon.). And Leslie and Ben Redwine helped us with set-up. Thanks also to Tom Cagle who was stuck in traffic for hours transporting a few of our Eco-Stations to our event to make recycling easy.

Finally, we want to thank our great friend and tireless supporter of Annapolis Green, Anthony Clarke, co-owner (with Michael Galway) of Galway Bay, Killarney House, Brian Boru and Pirate's Cove restaurants. Already a Founding One Hundred sponsor, he surprised us with an additional $500 contribution! We are so blessed to have Anthony and Michael in our Annapolis Green "family."

Thanks to everybody who braved the rain to attend. For such iffy weather, it was a great turnout, which just goes to show you that neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Green Drinkers from the swift completion of their appointed networking! (With apologies to Herodotus and the US Postal Service.)



Everyone is welcome at Green Drinks. There is no charge unless specified, and no RSVP is needed.



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What is Green Drinks Annapolis?

Green Drinks is a happy hour that gives the environmentally minded a chance to get to know one another in a fun informal way facilitating working together for a common cause: The Health of the Chesapeake Bay and to make Annapolis visibly the Greenest City in the State. It's free and no reservations are required. Cash bar. There are always soft drinks available. You don't have to drink alcohol to enjoy Green Drinks! Our gatherings, in a different location each month, feature venues that operate sustainably, and sustainable food and drink. We routinely draw from 150 to 200 environmentally conscious attendees.

There are over 800 Green Drinks organizations around the world. The Annapolis group is the one of the largest in the United States, following New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and Portland. More about Green Drinks International.

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