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gatewaysLooking for a fun way to explore the Chesapeake Bay region? Interested in visiting a historic community or a nature preserve or just paddling down a river near your home? Chesapeake Trips and Tips is a weekly email highlighting interesting, unusual and off the beaten path ways to discover new and unique places.

Published jointly by the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay Office and the Chespeake Conservancy, Trips and Tips features events at Chesapeake Bay Gateway sites and along Chesapeake Bay Watertrails. You can sign up and see the most recent issue at this link.

Also, for a full calendar events at Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails, visit www.baygateways.net

=Annapolis Green is a No-Bottled Water Zone

We've taken the pledge to Think Outside the Bottle and take back the tap. We're not going to use bottled water at our events nor at home. And we're asking our elected officials to not spend public money on bottled water, but rather to invest in our public water utilities.

Click on the image to learn more. Be sure to watch the video!

Everything Old is New Again

From an Annapolis Green reader:
I LOVE this idea. I keep telling my husband, everything rubberbands back to a time when people didn't need to go to the gym, they had to use effort to get places (bikes, horseback riding, walking) and survive (milk the cow, washing the clothes and dishes by bowling water over the stove, cut the grass by hand, home repairs). And oddly enough, its all "eco-friendly and green."

I now cut my grass with a reel mower, started my own organic vegetable and herb garden, compost, make my own baby wipes, make lunch for my son in reusable bento boxes, finally learning to cook!, use natural cleaners in my house (even natural drain cleaners), began buying my clothes at consignment, unplug things when not in use, shut off my heat/air completely and open the windows whenever I can, use freecycle, recycle, and reuse like crazy, take my reuseable bags everywhere (or just carry things out without the bag:), let my lawn go to moss, use my car like a hybrid--I turn it off at stop lights (no idling for me! and at the bank, and any other drive throughs) and pick 2 errand days and compress them into one direct route. Getting ready to get my clothesline up! I digress and ramble....

Bottom line, I love the idea of returning to a community, and a sort-of self sustaining one at that! Once my little one is in school, I plan on riding an adult trike around town for my errands;)-

Got Rainbarrel?

rain barrelHave a rain barrel lesson for your neighbors in your yard of place of business. Contact the Spa Creek Conservancy. They will show you how. It's easy.

Read Chesapeake Life's "Going Green: Thirty-one ways you can help the Bay."

A $36.76 Power Bill in July? You CAN Do It, Too - Each of us can fight Global Warming and Help SAVE THE BAY by Conserving Energy, by Former Senator Gerald W. Winegrad

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