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Stormwater Fee Under Attack
How do you feel about paying less than 24 cents per day
for clean water?

Three Anne Arundel County Councilmen have introduced bills to do away with the dedicated fund that is making possible retrofits and restoration to treat polluted stormwater. The County Executive is supporting this.

It is a mistake. Trying to pay for polluted stormwater remidiation from the General Fund will guarantee that it will not happen or that the effort will be so far reduced that the County will not be able to meet its responsibilities under the EPA mandate and the Bay's health will continue to deteriorate.

Further, the County Executive has promised a 3% property tax decrease as well. Exactly where will the polluted stormwater remediation money come from then? Will it be at the expense of more police officers or school improvements? We don't think so.

The dedicated fund allows the County to float bonds against that pot of money for projects of immediate concern. The County has maxed out its ability to float additional bonds through the General Fund so those projects of highest priority would go undone and we would risk being in violation of the EPA mandates for cleaning up the Chesapeake and its tributaries.

And, the program is a job creation engine for Anne Arundel County. Private companies are designing and installing these systems. Revoking the fee will put these jobs in jeopardy too -- taking a step backward in economic recovery.

Like it or not, the stormwater runoff has to be managed and it will cost money -- for a single-family homeowner, a whopping $85 per year. That's less than 24 cents per day for healthy, clean water. And there are programs to reduce even that by installing rain gardens, rain barrels, and other measures.

What YOU Can Do

Write to your County Councilman and tell him you are very concerned about that and that you want a NO vote. Addresses and a map to find who represents you is on this page.

Go to the public hearing on the two bills introduced to do away with the dedicated fund. It will be held on Monday, April 6, at 7 p.m., at the Arundel Center, 44 Calvert Street. The bills numbers are 16-15 and 17-15.
Information on the bills.

Read the Capital editorial on this subject. | How the County is spending stormwater fee funds.

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